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Adult Protective Services This program provides protective services for persons 60 years of age or older, in independent living situations, who are known or suspected to be suffering from abuse, neglect, or exploitation to an extent that either life is endangered or physical harm, mental anguish, or mental illness results or is likely to result. Services are provided without regard to income. Reports of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of the elderly may be made by calling the Adult Protective Referral Line number at 419-774-5473.

Healthchek Program A preventive health care program for Medicaid eligible individuals from birth to age 21. Services include: informing parents of children who are receiving Medicaid of the availability of physical exams, assistance with obtaining medical treatment, and breaking down barriers that prevent medical treatment being utilized. Healthchek services may be obtained by calling 419.774.5483.



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Pregnancy Related Services This program is designed to help all pregnant women who are Medicaid eligible with obtaining prenatal care. Services include: assistance with finding a doctor, scheduling appointments, transportation, and referrals to other community services. Pregnancy Related Services may be obtained by calling 419.774.5483. 

Transportation - The Enhanced Medicaid Transportation Services (EMTS) program provides non-emergency transportation for Medicaid recipients (DA excluded). This program provides transportation, or gas vouchers to out-of-county Medicaid medical providers (for example: Cleveland, Akron, or Columbus). For eligibility determination and scheduling, call:



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